Eye Dreams mission is to create stronger and healthier communities by providing support, education, advocacy, and training to those in need. Our programs empower the community to achieve their dreams and assist them in overcoming obstacles. Thus, leveling the playing field for the systematically disadvantaged..

ChessLife "Inspired Achiever Module"
An incentive-laden program designed to encourage & reward positive behavior in youth through afterschool enrichment.
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Dance Classes
Children, Teens and Adults will learn valuable performance skills through instruction in dance!
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Go Arts" Youth Summer
Professional Performing Camp & Youth Training Camp .
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Eyedreams Ensemble
Our Performance Ensembles are made up of our local Artists who wish to persue a career in performance arts, whether it be in Music, Dance and or Acting.
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After School
After shcool programs, workshops and training for those interested in getting ahead and becoming over achievers.
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