Eye Dreams sees the excessive employment & housing needs in our community and the damage to families that occurs when these needs our un-met.

Eye Dreams continues to provide training and job resources by forming alliances with the leading employment agencies, small business organizations, housing agencies & construction companies, to provide training and job resources for the disadvantaged & displaced families in our community.

Our construction training programs, supply families and individuals with competitive skills needed to lead positive career and lifestyle improvement.

The shaky economy, rising education and housing costs, combined with rising unemployment, and downsizing, creates an unstable community. Many Americans don’t have the time or the money needed to attend college, so learning specific trades combined with hands on techniques helps to create a new diverse work force; ready and willing to succeed in any economic environment.

Since Eye Dreams has built alliances with many large, and small businesses we are able to find out about job opportunities before they are listed with outside agencies. This increases the chances of getting the job before masses of people line up for the same positions.

Eye Dreams offers Work Force Seminars to prepare you to get the job. We have seminars on writing effective resumes, standing out in interviews, and succeeding after you have obtained the job. These seminars focus on developing the whole person that will succeed on the job.

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